Sell My Jewelry

Bert Levi Family Jewelers believes that buying
and selling jewelry is about honesty.

We are honest and we value customer service above everything. Honesty means offering fair, high payoffs to all our customers regardless of circumstance. It means we give honest valuations of customers’ jewelry, and we are happy to negotiate with an appraiser present. It means that even if you are displeased with a transaction, you remain a valued customer; we will return your jewelry at no cost. When you come to us to sell your jewelry, you will see our integrity in practice.

Honesty also means being transparent about our business practices. We don’t simply claim to offer the best price: that only lasts as long as it takes for people to find a better price. Instead, we offer the best price.

We can offer the best price because, for three generations, we have cultivated an expansive network of buyers.  That’s why our customers earn 97% or 98% of market value for their jewelry. We have found that it’s better to profit a little on many pieces then profit a lot and then lose our customers to other buyers. Instead of cheating our customers, we pay the most. When we pay the most, we get more customers, and we succeed.

We believe in honesty because we have nothing to hide. In return, we expect the same from our customers: if you get a better offer somewhere else, let us know. We commit to offering the best prices, so we will re-evaluate your piece.